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Thamani means ‘value’ in Swahili and we base the work we do and how we do it on our values and the value we give our clients. Our core values drive everything we do. Our values drive and ensure we stay ‘true’ to our corporate social responsibility.

The adoption of our CSR Policy enhances our core values of Ethics and Integrity, Teamwork, Commitment and Excellence, Service Delivery and Professionalism and Recognition while recognising that failure to achieve or exceed the objectives of this policy may lead to loss of reputation.

Thamani is committed to integrating CSR into all its business activities through the development of a Corporate Responsibility Index (CRI) that will help us improve our corporate responsibility practices. The CRI will provide a benchmark for which we can lead and manage our commitment and measure our impacts on society and the environment.

Thamani will apply a systematic approach to CSR and sustainability management to strive for continuous improvement in performance, and thereby deliver wider benefits to our people, our stakeholders, the environment and the communities we work with.

We commit to undertake to:
• Create and consider creative ways of engaging and working with our clients, communities and the environments we impact so that CSR and sustainability risks and opportunities are clearly identified;
• Facilitate that all material risks are addressed and opportunities are utilised;
• Strive to continuously develop and improve, and/or adhere to our systems for managing, measuring, monitoring and reporting progress on material risks and opportunities;
• Strive to continuously develop and improve and/or adhere to those systems and practices that assist us to meet clear standards of corporate governance in all our operations;
• Introduce periodically reviewed objectives and targets for CSR and sustainability practices;
• Participate as we grow in independent audits or reviews assessing aspects of our CSR and sustainability approaches;
• Make either a non-financial (Gifts or an In-kind contribution) or financial contribution to the combined value of 10% per year of our pre-GST income for recognised social or environmental organisations, initiatives or campaigns that are approved by the Managing Director; and
• Share what we learn about balancing competing priorities when integrating CSR and sustainability principles.
In pursuing the commitment expressed in this Policy, we will continue to develop ways to adopt and promote CSR so we, our stakeholders and the communities we live and work with can achieve their goals.

Tough and Beautiful Environment Kenya
Tough and Beautiful Environment Kenya

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