Our Values

Management Consultant
Thamani means ‘value’ in Swahili and we base the work we do and how we do it on our values and the value we give our clients. Our core values drive everything we do.

Ethics and Integrity
We always are open and honest in all our dealings and maintain the highest integrity at all times while treating people with dignity, respect and trust.

We listen to and respect each other whilst working together to achieve mutually beneficial results. We provide support to one another, working cooperatively in collaboration while respecting each other. We do not shy away from the difficult conversation.

Commitment and Excellence
We work with purpose and commitment to be successful from an individual and organisational perspective. We always do what we say we will do and strive for excellence and quality in everything we do.

Client Service
We are always client focussed by being responsive, proactive in meeting clients’ needs and aiming for high quality services and outcomes.

Professionalism and Recognition
We act professionally at all times while taking pride and ownership in all that we do and say. We always recognise and celebrate our successes.


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