Governance Excellence Framework

Good Governance


There is a significant opportunity right now, due to sector reforms and an ever-changing business environment for Boards, to move to a ‘New World’.  This program drives governance and leadership through culture and behaviour that delivers a sustainable legacy for your organisation.

The key deliverables are:

  • Governance: your mandate to operate and the safe pair of hands to lead change and innovation.
  • Culture: How we behave to ensure the organisation remains valued and respected.
  • Walk The Talk: We are accountable, transparent and lead by example.

Outcomes and Benefits

This initiative enables your Board to play its critical role in good governance and leadership that will deliver a long-term legacy – it is a program that has leadership at its core and the lens that all parts of the program are viewed through.

Benefits from using a Governance Excellence Framework are as follows:

  • Strengthen your reputation as a leader in governance.
  • Enhance decision making with clear delegations and accountabilities; reducing duplication while becoming a more effective team.
  • Reference point to measure performance and meet expectations; clarity of purpose while meeting goals and agreed deliverables.
  • Enhance communication and stakeholder relationships; greater strategy visibility and engagement.
  • Enable the Board to support both the CEO and Executive Team to lead in their respective roles.

Governance Excellence Framework

The Governance Excellence Framework has five keys elements that require Board input and ownership. To find out more contact us on 1300 THAMANI (1300 8426264) or email

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