Interim Executive Management

Interim Executive Manager
Thamani has strong interim executive managers that can be embedded to lead and drive your team in delivering the strategic outcomes you are seeking.

Thamani can provide through its Interim Executive Managers:
• Leading strategic thinkers with strong capabilities and capacity.
• Access to top leadership and management talent with exemplar people skills.
• Ability to navigate complex issues in highly political environments.
• An independent and fresh set of eyes to enhance outcomes.
• The ability to implement and deliver fast-track critical projects.
• Ability to work with ambiguity and effectively manage stakeholders.
• To back-fill important roles while delivering core and strategic projects.

Thamani’s Interim Executive Managers will give your organisation the leadership, management and industry experience required in key executive roles at the time you need them.

When you have a Thamani Interim Executive Manager, you are not just getting a resource to fill a gap, you are gaining an individual that has a strong network with exemplar business insight and professional expertise that comes from people who are strong business leaders.

Thamani’s Interim Executive Managers are all vastly experienced leaders in their roles that can adapt to diverse sectors and functions. Moreover, they have a proven ability to adapt to their roles and ‘hit the ground running’ and within a short time they will:
• Be clear about their objectives and deliverables;
• Build or enhance your high-performing team;
• Be fully accountable for their work and the teams; and
• Deliver results.

Interim Executive Management Model
Interim Executive Management Model


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